Design & Build

Design & Build

Design & Build

Stage 1:

After we break ground we dig the trench for the new build. When we reach the required depth/width we install re enforced re-bar into the trench before pouring our 35n concrete which is delivered by Roadstone in Cork City.

After our concrete has cured we then lay the footings for the floor. When all adequate aggregates & sand has been lay & compressed, we then lay radon barrier, floor insulation, re-bar & all necessary pipework from Heat merchants before pouring the 25n concrete for the floor. The concrete is then levelled using a screed & a power float to ensure that the floor level is perfect for when the tiles / wood flooring etc are being installed.

Stage 2:

At this stage of the construction scaffolding is usually erected by JD Scaffolding to ensure our workforce can carry out there duties in the safest manner possible. We use JD Scaffolding as we feel they are a safe , competent & professional scaffolding company.

Stage 3:

When the floor concrete has cured & the weather conditions are favourable for the KQH Masons, we start the block work to suit the clients specifications as sometimes a timber frame inner construction may be a specification. We use blocks/window sills/lintels /sand & cement from Roadstone in Kilumny in Cork as they provide quality materials for this type of work. Our Masons then make sure that all the block work is level and all the dimensions are perfect including widows and doors dimensions to provide easy installation for our window & door providers Bantry Bespoke.

Stage 5:

When the roof is fully sealed fascia, soffit, gutters & down pipes are fitted. This is then followed by installation of windows & doors by Bantry Bespoke.

Stage 6:

After fascia & soffit is fitted the external plastering commences. In general the first coat of plaster is usually called scud which is a strong mixture of sand & cement (2×1) which is applied to the block work after it is hosed down.

After that a second coat called a scratch coat usually (3×1) is applied over the scud. The third coat usually called a finish coat (4×1) is applied over the scratch coat to fully seal the external facade of the building.

Stage 7:

Internal preparation such as the first fix Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry etc are carried out by our qualified tradesmen to the highest standards possible & in the safest manner possible.

Stage 8:

After the building is insulated to specified regulations (SEAI) where necessary , drywall slabs/insulated boards (depending on spec) are fitted to the ceilings and walls/reveals before a skim coat plaster (depending on spec) is applied to the walls, ceilings/reveals etc to seal the internal of the building. We usually use Cork Builder Providers for all our insulation, slabs & skim as they are competitively priced and excellent quality.

Stage 9:

At this stage, second fix Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry etc are carried out by KQH qualified tradesmen to the highest standards possible & in the safest manner possible. Skirting boards, architrave, floors , doors etc are fitted by the Carpenters. KQH Electricians fit lights switches, sockets, pendants etc(depending on spec).We usually use Kelleher’s electrical as we find they supply quality goods KQH tilers will start tiling bathrooms/kitchens supplied by Right price tiles & Plumbers will start fitting all the second fix plumbing requirements. KQH kitchen fitters will also fit the client’s kitchen to their requirements if necessary.

Stage 10:

At this stage KQH Painters & decorators will be on site to put the finishing touches to the building. As per the specifications of the client the Painters will provide the best quality craftsmanship to ensure the clients is fully satisfied the the job . We usually use Pat McDonnell paints in Cork City as we feels their paints are excellent quality.

Stage 11:

At this stage scaffolding will have been taken down and any necessary groundwork will be carried out to the outside of the building. Footpaths will be prepared & poured with 25n concrete followed by a screed & float by KQH qualified tradesmen. We use concrete from Roadstone in Kilumny in Cork as they provide quality materials for this type of work.

Stage 12:

At this stage all necessary landscaping will be carried out to the gardens. If decking is a requirement KQH Carpenters will construct and install the decking to the highest quality possible & in the safest manner possible. If paving slabs or decorative stone etc is a requirement KQH Masons who specialise in this area and will carry out this work to the highest standards possible & in the safest manner possible. We usually use Roadstone in Cork for paving slabs and decorative stone as we feels they provide the best quality materials for this type work.

We maintain properties for property management companies and private tenants to ensure that the property is maintained to an excellent standard. We treat our small jobs with the same respect as our bigger jobs so don’t hesitate in contacting us if you need someone to fix a leak or change a lock etc.