Kitchen & Bathrooms


Kitchen Design

We design and install new state of the art kitchens to suit your needs and requirements. On our initial meeting we can discuss what type of kitchen you require and we will help design it around the size & shape of the kitchen to ensure you are completely satisfied with its layout before installation commences. We have designed & installed kitchens on most of the building projects we carry out in the Cork area so we have a wealth of experience in this field. We also have a substantial portfolio of work with regards kitchen installation & we are happy to provide references if the client requests them.

Bathroom Upgrades

We can turn an out of date bathroom into a fresh new bathroom in a matter of days/weeks depending the level of work required. We have a lot of experience in disability bathroom upgrades & bathroom design and installation in the Cork area and have very experienced tradesmen to ensure that you are happy with the finish product. We can also provide information regarding grant applications to the client before work commences so this will significantly reduce your overall cost if approved.